Graphics installation Tips

PATIENCE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS Our graphics are designed to be applied dry but can be applied with application fluid. A heat gun and hot air driers are commonly used by many installers and may be used under certain circumstances with products similar to these. Please take extreme care and at your own risk if choosing to use any form of heat to apply decals. The use of heat has been known to deform the material and make them unusable.
TIPS TO INSTALL NEW GRAPHICS THESE GUIDELINES ARE DESIGNED TO HELP WITH THE INSTALLATION OF NEW GRAPHICS. HOWEVER, SOME INSTALLERS APPLY GRAPHICS WITH SEVERAL DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES. 1. Clean the surface you are applying the decal to with soap and water or a mild cleaner. Wait for the surface to dry. 2. Dry fit the graphics on the plastics prior to installation. This step is just placing the graphics on the plastic surface, prior to removing the backing paper to ensure the proper alignment and fit. 3. Installation is usually done dry, without any form of liquid. (Recommended) 4. Peel the backing paper from the graphic and apply the graphic onto the surface, usually starting with aligning the cutouts for the holes. Starting from one of the holes as an alignment point, work your way across the decal using a squeegee, credit card, or just your fingers to evenly smooth the vinyl decal to the surface. 5. Finally if you choose, some installers prefer to use low heat to form some of the curves and edges for better adhesion, typically a hairdryer. Some bubbling is common, and most bubbles will disappear with time. 6. Complete, it is recommended to wait approximately 24 hours for the graphics to adhere properly prior to use. 7. Congratulations! Enjoy your new graphics.